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Arizona Students Association to Hold First Congress April 25-27

Arizona Students Association to Hold First Congress April 25-27
New Movement to Ensure that Student Voices are Heard

The Arizona Students’ Association (ASA) is holding its first annual Congress April 25-27, 2014 at the Tempe Transportation Center. The Center is located at 200 E. 5th Street near Forest and College Avenue at the base of A-Mountain. We will be meeting in the Don Cassano Community Room on the second floor.

Formation of the Congress is the result of work by the current ASA Board to create a diverse and representative body of community college and public university students across Arizona. Once the Congress meets and selects its Senate and House members, the current ASA Board of Directors structure will dissolve and the new governing structure will become active June 1, 2014. The new ASA will be guided by its new Constitution, adopted by the current ASA Board. 

The purpose of Congressional representation and elected student officers is to ensure that the diversity of student voices is heard in Arizona. Individuals, representatives from various clubs, organizations, and student chapters of larger institutions are encouraged to attend the Congress and direct the new ASA as it continues its mission to engage and empower the students of Arizona. The Senate will be made up of elected student governments, both undergraduate and graduate. The House will be made up of non-student government members.

There are many post-secondary education issues that transcend each college and university’s particular interests. ASA exists to advocate for those issues. ASA’s new governing structure consists of elected Executive members, including a President and Vice President, and an elected Senate and House made up of students from public colleges and universities across the state. The President will also become the compensated Executive Director of the new ASA.

If you believe you would like to become part of an engaged and re-energized independent Arizona Students’ Association and uphold the 40-year tradition of advocating for student issues to the Arizona Legislature, Arizona Board of Regents, and partnering with other institutions to ensure student voices are heard as post-secondary education policy is determined, join us for the Congress.

For students travelling from outside the Phoenix metro region, a block of rooms has been reserved at the Motel 6 on 1720 S. Priest Drive in Tempe. Twenty-five rooms with two double beds have been reserved for no more than two people to a room at no cost to participating students. Food will be provided throughout the Congress. $25 gift cards will be provided for Phoenix metro area students to help cover transportation, parking, and other meal costs. $50 gift cards will be provided out-of-Phoenix metro region students to help cover transportation, parking, and other meal costs. These gift cards are not designed to fully reimburse students for expenses. 

Once you have registered, additional information will be provided to you. To register please sign up using the following link:

**DISCLAIMER: This activity is not sponsored by the City of Tempe or the Transportation Center**


ASA Now Hiring Canvassers and a Canvass Coordinator in Flagstaff, AZ

ASA is seeking a canvassing coordinator and several canvassers in Flagstaff, AZ. This is an opportunity for passionate future leaders to gain real life, hands on experience in issue campaigns, while strengthening their understanding of the political process. Canvassers will gain invaluable experience in political campaigning and voter outreach. Canvassers will play an integral part in increasing voter participation by signing voters up for the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) and working on issues such as workers rights and voter protection.

View the full job description for the Canvassing position and application to apply HERE

View the full job description for the Canvass Coordinator position and application to apply HERE